HPB Solid-State Battery

Redefining the limits of batteries – with a unique combination of superior properties. Engineered to store renewable energy in a safer and more sustainable way. 


vs. conventional lithium-ion batteries 
at comparable stress levels


vs. conventional lithium-ion batteries.
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[New measurement results]
High performance 
at low temperatures.

Where other batteries without external battery heating give up, the HPB Solid-State Battery is still in its comfort zone: Even at -20 °C, the extractable capacity is more than 90 % – tested at a robust discharge rate (1C). This is a real game changer for the use of batteries in winter.

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-40 Kopie-2

[New measurement results]
We go lower to set
higher battery standards.

Low temperature performance measurements down to -30 °C are carried out as standard. But we didn’t stop there. With groundbreaking measurement results at -40 °C, we cover a temperature range of an incredible 100 °C (-40 °C to +60 °C) – without the addition of salts or other additives.